Month: January 2017

SERVO-DRIVE adjustment

How do you use the “Full/Half” setting of the SERVO-DRIVE unit?

Das Bild zeigt eine SERVO-DRIVE Einheit die im Schrank eingebaut wirdHave you ever noticed short pull-outs (NL 270–300) opening with too much force when you are assembling kitchens fitted with SERVO-DRIVE? If ‘yes’, read on to find out how to reduce the force generated by the SERVO-DRIVE unit. If the drawer runner is shorter than 350 mm, you can adjust the unit to reduce the stroke movement to just half. This setting is marked ‘half’ on the unit.



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Selecting opening angle stops for CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges

How can you tell a CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° hinge apart from the 107° Version?

This picture shows CLIP top BLUMOTION: everything included
It is often difficult for fitters on-site to tell if a CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° hinge or CLIP top BLUMOTION 107° hinge is installed in a piece of furniture. However, it is important to know this information, especially when it comes to selecting the right opening angle stop. The two simple steps below will help you to differentiate between the hinges.

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TANDEMBOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTION: How does our front gap template help to set the front gap to the optimal measurement?

The picture shows TIP-ON BLUMOTION for Blum TANDEMBOX









In order to ensure that the TIP-ON BLUMOTION function is trigged in TANDEMBOX without problems, it is important to set the front gap to the optimal measurement of at least 2.5 mm. We have developed a front gap template to make this very task quick and easy for you.

In the following video, I will show you how to use this template:

  1. before fronts are installed.
  2. to check the front gap of fronts that have already been installed again. Read more