Opening angle stop AVENTOS HF

Which opening angle stops are suitable for use with AVENTOS HF and how are they installed?

Kitchen with Blum AVENTOS HFHave you ever experienced a situation where fronts with an AVENTOS HF lift system touch the ceiling when it is fully open? We offer opening angle stops for just such situations as the front or the ceiling may become damaged when the two touch. However, fronts can also collide with furniture structures above, such as cornices.





For applications in which an opening angle stop is required, we offer two different items. Opening angle stop 20F7051 (dark grey) to limit the opening angle to 104° and 20F7011 (dust grey) to limit the opening angle to 83°.

This picture shows the opening angle stop 20F7051


This picture shows the opening angle stop 20F7011


You can work out if opening angle stops are required, and if so which, during the construction phase. You can use the following formula to help you with this:

This picture shows the calculation chart for the AVENTOS HF opening angle stop

For example, for a front height top (FH) of 360 mm, you will not need an opening angle stop where the space requirement above (Y) is 210 mm. If the space requirement above (Y) is only 150 mm, you will need the 104° opening angle stop.

Note: with the opening angle stop 20F7011, the fronts no longer protrude beyond the cabinet, so the cabinet can be planned up to the ceiling.


How can I install the opening angle stop quickly and easily?

In principle, if you need to limit an opening angle, you should use an opening angle stop for each lift mechanism.

You do not need to disassemble the fronts for this, but removing the cover caps does make assembly easier. Close the fronts by approx. 45° and press the opening angle stop into the now-free opening until it clicks into place.

Opening angle stop AVENTOS HF
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2 thoughts on “Opening angle stop AVENTOS HF

  • October 27, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    Where can I get the opening angle stops? They did not come with the product

    • October 29, 2018 at 10:43 am

      Hello, the opening angle stops do not come with the product, because you need them only in some cases. The help you best, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible. They will help you to find the right supplier.


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