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New: Assembly devices selector

This picture shows the assembly devices: universal drilling template

Blum offers a wide range of templates and assembly devices for various assembly situations.

They have proven to be the very best aids when it comes to day-to-day assembly, both in the workshop and at the customer’s premises.

Our selector will show you which assembly device best meets your requirements.


Which AMBIA-LINE wood décors go with LEGRABOX?

This pictures shows the Blum inner dividing system AMBIA-LINE

AMBIA-LINE is the new inner dividing system from Blum to go with the new LEGRABOX. With our inner dividing system, you can individually structure and organise your drawers.

AMBIA-LINE is available in a steel design in the colours terra black matt, orion grey matt and silk white matt. It is also available in a combination of steel components and wooden décors in Tennessee walnut, Nebraska oak and Bardolino oak.


How many hinges should be used for a door?

This picture shows the motion of the CLIP top BLUMOTION

During furniture planning the question often arises of how many hinges are required to achieve an optimal door motion – for the whole life of the furniture.

However, this question isn’t always that easy to answer. In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips to help you plan exactly how many hinges you will need for each door.

As a rule, the door weight is key in determining the number of door hinges required. However, dimensions and materials of the door also have an impact on this.





Meeting the trend for dark-coloured furniture

This pictrure shows dark furnitures with Blum hinge CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyxblack

Have you noticed that furniture manufacturers are producing more and more furniture in dark materials and colours? They are responding to the growing trend for dark-coloured furniture which has emerged in recent years. These elegant designs emanate style and sophistication,  and this doesn’t just apply to the outer finish – the interior must also meet these exceptional standards. That’s why we’ve developed a new onyx black finish for our hinges. This colour variant allows fittings to blend discreetly into the dark interior of the furniture.


EASY ASSEMBLY at interzum 2017

The assembly of our products is one of the topics we adress at our Blum booth at interzum in Cologne this year. In the service area of our booth we provide an overview of our support along the entire production process – from planning and orderung to manufacturing and installation.


TANDEM TIP-ON: What is depth adjustment for and when do we use it?

White cabinet with TANDEM TIP-ON runners

Different materials are used in the manufacturing of wooden drawers, which is why each wooden drawer is individual and has slightly different lengths, widths and heights. To counteract these ‘production tolerances’, we have developed depth adjustment for our TANDEM runner system in connection with our TIP-ON motion technology. This helps to ensure an optimal connection between the wooden drawer and TANDEM locking device. To connect the TANDEM profile with the wooden drawer, there are locking positions on the TANDEM locking device to ensure the necessary grip when opening and closing. The depth adjustment ensures the runner locks securely in place (third tooth of the locking device).


What opening angle stops should we use for 110°- and 107°-hinges and how are they installed?

CLIP top BLUMOTION: everything included

Have you ever fitted a kitchen or assembled a piece of furniture and found that the doors collide with an adjacent wall or cabinet? In the worst-case scenario, this even causes damage to the furniture fronts or the walls. You should use an opening angle stop to prevent this from happening.

Blum has a number of different opening angle stops on offer for this purpose. This article will explain which opening angle stop you can use for each hinge and how to assemble these.


What’s new in the latest update?


In order to you the best possible support, we endeavor to keep the EASY ASSEMBLY app up-to-date in terms of technology and content. This is the reason for regular updates of the EASY ASSEMBLY app. If you would like to have the best user experience with our app, it is necessary to constantly install the updates on your mobile device

For each update we analyse (technical) error descriptions by users and try to fix them if possible. Unfortunately, there are errors on which we do not have any influence.  Some bugs are caused by hardware problems of your smartphone, the software that is installed or missing on your smartphone. Or sometimes your personal user settings are the reasons for errors.







How do you use the “Full/Half” setting of the SERVO-DRIVE unit?

Das Bild zeigt eine SERVO-DRIVE Einheit die im Schrank eingebaut wird








Have you ever noticed short pull-outs (NL 270–300) opening with too much force when you are assembling kitchens fitted with SERVO-DRIVE? If ‘yes’, read on to find out how to reduce the force generated by the SERVO-DRIVE unit. If the drawer runner is shorter than 350 mm, you can adjust the unit to reduce the stroke movement to just half. This setting is marked ‘half’ on the unit.


How can you tell a CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° hinge apart from the 107° Version?

This picture shows CLIP top BLUMOTION: everything included
It is often difficult for fitters on-site to tell if a CLIP top BLUMOTION 110° hinge or CLIP top BLUMOTION 107° hinge is installed in a piece of furniture. However, it is important to know this information, especially when it comes to selecting the right opening angle stop. The two simple steps below will help you to differentiate between the hinges.