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SERVO-DRIVE uno for bottom mount waste bin solutions – quick an easy to install

This picture shows a SERVO-DRIVE unoOpen bottom and top mount waste bin solutions with ease thanks to the SERVO-DRIVE uno. Simply touch the front with your hip, knee or toe to open the waste bin pull-out. We will show you how to easily install the electrical opening support system. Simply find the right position, automatically set the depth and fit with just a few tools – that’s it!




How to correctly and quickly pre-drill fixing holes for LEGRABOX

This picture shows the driling template in function on the drawer bottom.Using a metre rule and pencil to mark drilling positions can be a cumbersome and error-prone process. That’s why we offer a simple and practical drilling template for the back and base of LEGRABOX drawers. The template is good for several assembly steps.







How to best clean Blum Fittings?

Here are a few tips to ensure that your fittings work perfectly a furniture lifetime.


This picture shows cleaning the runner system with a vacuum cleaner.First of all, try to prevent dirt from getting into the cabinet profile when mounting it. If wood chips do get into the system, remove them with a vacuum cleaner.






How to correctly and easily install Blum fittings in cabinets?

this picture shows an overview of the universal drilling templateBlum’s universal drilling template makes it easy to pre-drill holes for fixing cabinet profiles, lift mechanisms, mounting and adapter plates. You can use the template with assembled and unassembled cabinets. Overlay and inset applications can be easily implemented. The calibration makes it simple to adjust the height and depth drilling position. The template allows you to drill holes of 5 mm or 2.5 mm in diameter. It is suitable for system and/or chipboard screws.









How do I install TIP-ON correctly with a SPACE TOWER?

Have you ever incorporated handle-less doors into your design? With TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support system, handle-less doors open by themselves – a brief touch is all that is required. This means that even large doors, such as those for the SPACE TOWER, can be opened without a handle. We would like to take this opportunity to explain what you need to pay attention to in the assembly and adjustment of this unit.





How do I position the bracket profile for SERVO-DRIVE with LEGRABOX or TANDEMBOX correctly?

This picture shows a Blum SERVO-DRIVELEGRABOX or TANDEMBOX pull-outs supported by SERVO-DRIVE offer particularly easy electrical and handle-less opening. But how important is it that the bracket profile is positioned correctly?







How to install Blum hinges directly on site?

This picture shows the ECODRILLSometimes it is necessary to equip a heavy door with an additional hinge directly at the customer’s place.  ECODRILL is a hand-held tool that can be taken on site. In just a few steps you can set the drilling pattern precisely and drill it with a hand drill.







Which tool do I need to properly adjust the AVENTOS lift mechanism?

This picture shows an AVENTOS HFAVENTOS lift systems must open and close effortlessly and stay in any desired position. The lift mechanisms must therefore be adjusted according to the front weight. Please allow us to show you the best tool to use for this.







How to assemble drawers more precise and more efficient?

This picture shows the assembly device BOXFIX E-THave you ever assembled drawers without any assembly devices and you haven’t been happy with the result? BOXFIX E-T assists you to assemble TANDEMBOX drawers in a more precise and efficient way. You achieve high-quality results only in a few steps. BOXFIX E-T needs only little space and is set up and dismantled quickly.







How to organise bottles in a drawer?

This picture shows the AMBIA_LINE bottle setAMBIA-LINE offers a universally applicable frame concept for inner division. This Blum system can be used not only in kitchens, but also in all other living areas.

It is particularly useful in kitchens to store bottles in a drawer. Standard drawer frames in steel design are available with widths of 100 and 200 mm and for nominal lengths 450 to 650 mm. Please find installation information on how to assemble AMBIA-LINE frames as bottle dividers below.