CLIP top

Opening angle stops 155° hinges

What opening angle stops do we have for 155°-hinges and how are they installed?

For CLIP top 155°-hinges, at Blum we offer two different opening angle stops: 70T7503N and 70T7503N09. The following article describes the different opening angle stops and the applications they are best suited to.


This picture shows a CLIP top 155° hingeOpening angle stops are used to prevent the door from colliding with walls/protruding cabinets. At Blum, we provide a solution to this problem for CLIP top 155°-hinges in the form of opening angle stop 70T7503N09. This limits the opening angle to 92°.

Why 92°? This means that 0-protrusion is always guaranteed for the 155°-hinge and that the drawer does not collide with the door when it slides out of the cabinet.


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