Tilt adjustment MOVENTO

How to carry out tilt adjustment with MOVENTO


This picture shows the kitchen with MOVENTO.The front is not parallel to the front edge of the cabinet. Sounds familiar? The MOVENTO runner system makes it easy to carry out tilt adjustment. This blog entry tells you how.






Remove the wooden drawer from the runner system.

  1. To do so, push the orange locking devices on the bottom of the wooden drawer outwards.
  2. Pull the wooden drawer towards you.

This picture shows the locking device of MOVENTO on the runner.



Adjust the tilt with the grey lever attached to the back of the runner. By twisting the lever you can raise or lower the wooden drawer. This will adjust the position of the front relative to the front edge of the cabinet.

This picture shows the function of the tilt adjustment.



This video shows you how to carry out tilt adjustment:



Tilt adjustment MOVENTO
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2 thoughts on “Tilt adjustment MOVENTO

  • November 15, 2020 at 2:53

    We have been waiting for our kitchen cabinet maker Grovedale Kitchens to inform us of how to adjust out servo drive to not smash into our plaster and they still haven’t been in touch. It’s been over 6months and we have often called and they have said they’ll call us back with a contact who can guide us.
    I have resorted to reaching out to you.
    I can’t seem to find our system. Can you contact us please to guide us. Tina

    • November 16, 2020 at 15:53

      Hi Tina,
      we are sorry that you have some problems with our product. Our subsidiary will contact you as soon as possible.
      Best regards


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