assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

What are the essential assembly and processing steps for the optimal opening and closing of TIP-ON BLUMOTION?

This picture shows a bedroom with a LEGRABOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTIONBlum’s TIP-ON BLUMOTION motion technology combines two functions for drawers: easy, convenient opening and silent, effortless closing. This mechanical solution from Blum provides exceptional convenience, particularly for handle-less furniture in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home, for example bedrooms. With this blog article, we aim to show you how to achieve optimal function and what you need to be aware of during assembly.



Furniture construction

  1. Make sure you adopt a precise working method right from the start when manufacturing the cabinet and drawer. It is essential that you comply with the measurement and angle accuracy specified. This way, you can adjust the front gap to the required 2.5 mm and achieve optimal trigger behaviour.This picture shows the needed measurement and angle accuracy for TIP-ON BLUMOTION
  2. Ensuring accuracy in the depth position of both cabinet profiles is also important during assembly.
    This picture shows the depth position of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION
  3. Avoid using bumpers in order to ensure optimal trigger behaviour.
    This picture shows: don't to use a dumper
  4. The cabinet bottom may not bend upwards, therefore do not use a fifth plinth leg.
    This picture shows the place where to set a plinth leg for a TIP-ON BLUMOTION

Manufacture and adjustment of fittings

  1. The front gap template for LEGRABOX and MOVENTO (65.5631) and TANDEMBOX (65.5627) enable you to achieve uniform front gap adjustment of 2.5 mm on both cabinet sides.
    This picture shows the front gap of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION
  2. The correct choice of TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit depends on the nominal length and total load and is the basic prerequisite for optimum functionality. You can identify the respective load configuration from the marked surface on the underside of the unit: for short nominal lengths of up to 300 mm, use S0 and S1; for longer nominal lengths from 350 mm, use L1, L3 and L5.
    This picture shows the chose of the right TIP-ON BLUMOTION
  3. When subsequently assembling the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit, you should hear a loud click. This is how you can be sure that the components are fully engaged and firmly secured
    This picture shows the assembly of the CLIP top BLUMOTION
  4. Use a synchronisation linkage to ensure the best possible trigger range. The trigger range can be optimised for comparatively large fronts – to do so, simply increase the front gap.
    For further details click here.
    This picture shows the closing of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION


  1. In order to provide optimal protection for the synchronisation adapter, we recommend opening the cabinet profiles with attached synchronisation at the same time.
    This picture shows the closing of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION
  2. It is also important that you use sufficient force when closing TIP-ON BLUMOTION as this ensures that the TIP-ON unit is properly pre-tensioned.
    This picture shows the closing of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION



















assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION
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9 thoughts on “assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

  • December 15, 2018 at 10:16

    Hi, we have the tip-on blumotion system on our kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately one of the draws will not stay closed and springs open. It appears that the system is out of sync. I have removed the draw and compared the system to that on a draw which is working. I cannot see any differences, what am I missing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • December 18, 2018 at 16:05

      Hello and thank you for your comment. We are sorry you are experiencing some difficulty with our product.
      To troubleshoot this problem we recommend removing the drawer and the synchronisation linkage (the rod which connects both sides of the cabinet profile) from the cabinet profile. Then push both cabinet profiles all the way back into the cabinet. Then trigger both of the cabinet profiles and re-assemble the synchronisation linkage. Put the drawer back on the cabinet profiles and close the unit.
      If this doesn’t help, please come back to me and our customer service will contact you as soon as possible. For that we need to know in which country you live. Thank you very much.

  • March 6, 2019 at 12:40

    Dear, last week I have installed complete new kitchen with aventos HS servo drive units and tip on bluemotion legraboxes. My problem is that only one of 4 boxes open completly by presing front. Other opens without any roole completly random. For example one opens 20 cm second 15 cm third 25. I am talking about 90cm cabinet with legra box 70kg and L5 ejector. Gaps are correct, leveling absolutely perfect, sync rods installed. Any advice for me?

    • March 6, 2019 at 14:38

      Dear sir,
      we suspect that with the other three drawers, only one unit gets released. There could be several causes:
      1. The latch (mounted on the runner profile) which plays together with the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit is not installed on one side. That would mean the TIP-ON BLUMOTION on that side would not work at all.
      2. Has the front gap of min. 2.5 mm been set correctly on both sides?
      3. Has the runner profile been installed too close to the cabinet front on one side? In that case, setting the front gap back to 2.5 mm would mean you’d minimize the release motion on that side too far – hindering the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit on one side from release.

      I hope this will help you, otherwise please let us know.

      Kind regards

  • March 30, 2020 at 11:53

    Hi, we have the blumotion tip on, tandem box system in our bathroom vanity drawer. It requires excessive force to close the drawer. Is there a way to adjust this?

    • March 31, 2020 at 7:50

      Hello Johannes,
      thank you for your message. TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX cannot be adjusted, but it is possible to replace the unit with a slightly weaker one. In order to find the proper unit for your application, I forwarded your request to our customer service and they will get back to you.
      Best regards

  • May 27, 2020 at 21:17

    Dear Blum Team,
    I installed Tip-on Blumotion for Movento 40 kg runners (760H5200S) with L3 units (T60L7540) and the drawer’s “opening distance” is about 20 cm. I’m thinking how I could increase this opening distance. Is L5 unit (T60L7570) compatible with my runners and would result longer opening distance?
    Thanks in advance for your help,

    • May 28, 2020 at 9:28

      Hi Istvan,
      yes, applying an L5 unit will result in a longer opening distance and in return will require a little bit more momentum for closure. Depending on the drawer contents (load inside the drawer) this additional closing force will not even be noticeable.
      I hope this information helps you, otherwise please let me know.

      Best regards

      • May 28, 2020 at 20:45

        Thank you for the very quick answer!


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