SERVO-DRIVE flex reference run

SERVO-DRIVE flex: Does the refrigerator being filled affect the reference run?

Picture of refridgerator with SERVO-DRIVE flex

Sometimes we are asked whether the refrigerator needs to be switched on and whether the refrigerator door should already be fully loaded before carrying out a reference run. The answer is no.

The strength of the magnetic lip seal has a significant effect on the reference run. However, this remains unchanged regardless of whether the refrigerator is switched on or off. A vacuum effect does occur after the refrigerator is switched on, but the pressure balances out by itself after a short time (the longest time observed so far is 20 seconds).

Whether or not the refrigerator door is already loaded with food also has no effect on the reference run for SERVO-DRIVE flex.

SERVO-DRIVE flex reference run
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2 thoughts on “SERVO-DRIVE flex reference run

  • November 24, 2017 at 16:34

    Hi Blum. I´ve had the Servo-drive flex installed for the past five months with no problems. But yesterday I had to unplug it and after plugging it back in, it does not work.. I´ve tried resetting it by pushing the lever back for 3 seconds but nothing happens.. Do you have any ideas..?

    • November 28, 2017 at 10:50

      Hello Michael,
      Can you please check the following points? Do the connecting nodes connect the black cables? In the next step please control the connecting nodes. Disassemble them and look if the pins are damaged. Are they still straight? When yes, reconnect the connection of both cables in another place. Then connect the unit with the electric circuit and try to reset again. When this doesn’t work, please come back to me and I will send you our customer service.


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