Blum for handle-less furniture

When it comes to furniture with handle-less fronts throughout the whole kitchen and all living areas, Blum has a huge variety of options!

handlesless_furniture_blumExtensive surfaces, clear-cut designs, handle-less fronts – these are the clearly identifiable trends in the furniture industry. And with minimalist design, the spotlight is increasingly being placed on the functionality of furniture. Our fittings solutions come into their own here as we ensure that furniture is convenient to use on a day-to-day basis, while also meeting requirements in terms of design. At Blum, we often talk about “1 3 4 ∞ – infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture” in this context. Perhaps you have wondered in the past what this actually means?

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SERVO-DRIVE units per Blum transformer

SERVO-DRIVE: How many SERVO-DRIVE units can be operated with one Blum transformer?

The picture shows various SERVO-DRIVE units with on transformer

Fifty SERVO-DRIVE drive units can be operated with one Blum transformer. However, the following should be taken into account for the drive units for pull-outs and for AVENTOS lift systems in this case: one SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS drive unit requires around the same amount of power as three SERVO-DRIVE drive units for pull-outs.

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