assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

What are the essential assembly and processing steps for the optimal opening and closing of TIP-ON BLUMOTION?

This picture shows a bedroom with a LEGRABOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTIONBlum’s TIP-ON BLUMOTION motion technology combines two functions for drawers: easy, convenient opening and silent, effortless closing. This mechanical solution from Blum provides exceptional convenience, particularly for handle-less furniture in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home, for example bedrooms. With this blog article, we aim to show you how to achieve optimal function and what you need to be aware of during assembly.



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TANDEMBOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTION: How does our front gap template help to set the front gap to the optimal measurement?

The picture shows TIP-ON BLUMOTION for Blum TANDEMBOX









In order to ensure that the TIP-ON BLUMOTION function is trigged in TANDEMBOX without problems, it is important to set the front gap to the optimal measurement of at least 2.5 mm. We have developed a front gap template to make this very task quick and easy for you.

In the following video, I will show you how to use this template:

  1. before fronts are installed.
  2. to check the front gap of fronts that have already been installed again. Read more

TIP-ON BLUMOTION – Synchronisation

Which synchronisation should I use for my internal cabinet width (ICW)?


We recommend synchronising the two TIP-ON BLUMOTION units in order to optimise the trigger behaviour and functionality of TIP-ON BLUMOTION. These two units form the centrepiece of TIP-ON BLUMOTION, and can be assembled tool-free, as can all of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION components. The synchronisation extends the trigger range and makes it possible to open pull-outs by pressing almost anywhere on the front, meaning optimal trigger behaviour is achieved, even with wide cabinets. Synchronisations can be inserted from cabinet widths of 300 mm and up. Read more

Blum for handle-less furniture

When it comes to furniture with handle-less fronts throughout the whole kitchen and all living areas, Blum has a huge variety of options!

handlesless_furniture_blumExtensive surfaces, clear-cut designs, handle-less fronts – these are the clearly identifiable trends in the furniture industry. And with minimalist design, the spotlight is increasingly being placed on the functionality of furniture. Our fittings solutions come into their own here as we ensure that furniture is convenient to use on a day-to-day basis, while also meeting requirements in terms of design. At Blum, we often talk about “1 3 4  – infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture” in this context. Perhaps you have wondered in the past what this actually means?

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TIP-ON BLUMOTION: mechanical opening support

Handle-less fronts with TIP-ON now also close silently and effortlessly in the way you are accustomed to – thanks to combination with BLUMOTION

Up uThe picture shows the mechanical opening support for drawers called TIP-ON BLUMOTION. ntil recently, there were two opening support system options for handle-less fronts at Blum: mechanical with TIP-ON and electromechanical with SERVO-DRIVE. The electromechanical opening support system has always worked in combination with BLUMOTION dampening, but now we have combined the TIP-ON function with BLUMOTION dampening too.
A simple touch on the front is, as you are used to with TIP-ON, all that is needed to activate TIP-ON BLUMOTION. The BLUMOTION now activates when closing the drawer or the pull-out, ensuring a silent and effortless closing action. For the BLUMOTION function to achieve optimum functioning, the pull-outs should be loaded. The BLUMOTION does work when these are unloaded as well, but more energy (force) is required for closure.  The settings have been designed for the weight of a loaded pull-out, as is usually the case in actual living areas.  Read more


How to adjust the front gap to 2.5 mm quickly and accurately

TIP-ON BLUMOTION Template for assembly with LEGRABOX and MOVENTO

A front gap of just 2.5 mm is sufficient to ensure optimal trigger behaviour for TIP-ON BLUMOTION. To help achieve this, Blum has provided a front gap template for MOVENTO and LEGRABOX 65.5631, which enables the adjustment to be made quickly and easily on the TIP-ON BLUMOTION unit, directly on site.

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