EASY ASSEMBLY app Update (3.0)

Blum EASY ASSEMBLY app release new libary function to help installing Blum fittings

What’s new with the latest app update?

We are always striving to optimize our EASY ASSEMBLY app for our users. With the latest update there are many changes that help to make our app more efficient and intuitive. See the most important changes here:

1.) Reduced memory: instead of 116 MB (Version 2.2) you only need 9 MB (Version 3.0). 

2.) Interactive installation instructions & short videos

We replaced the Augmented-Reality (AR) technology with a compact HTML technologie. Now you find new interactive installation instructions in our app that provide you with individual support in sophisticated assembly situations of selected products. Furthermore, there are new short-videos for the assembly of our products. Both lead to the significant reduction of memory usage.

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Still need advice on an assembly?

Blum LIVE SUPPORT customer service employeesYou already downloaded our EASY ASSEMBLY app and still have a question about the assembly of a Blum product? We’ll gladly talk you through it! Download our new LIVE SUPPORT app and get directly in touch with our technical support via live chat. Send pictures and videos to explain your assembly situation. If necessary our technical support employee can also use the integrated videocall function to guide you through the assembly steps directly on site.

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EASY ASSEMBLY app update

App update – new functions

EASY ASSEMBLY app Blum overviewWe are happy to hear your positive feedback about the newest update. In the following, we explain the new functions of our EASY ASSEMBLY app to you.

What’s new?

With our update in November 2017 all assembly instructions are optimized and adjusted for mobile devices.

We reduced the app data size significantly. Moreover, all illustrations are language-neutral now. There are clickable icons and a quick and easy navigation should give you a good user experience.

There is also a new mapping-function. Thanks to this you can save your relevant assembly instructions and videos to quickly find them again.




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Update 2.1.0 EASY ASSEMBLY app

What’s new in the latest update?


In order to you the best possible support, we endeavor to keep the EASY ASSEMBLY app up-to-date in terms of technology and content. This is the reason for regular updates of the EASY ASSEMBLY app. If you would like to have the best user experience with our app, it is necessary to constantly install the updates on your mobile device

For each update we analyse (technical) error descriptions by users and try to fix them if possible. Unfortunately, there are errors on which we do not have any influence.  Some bugs are caused by hardware problems of your smartphone, the software that is installed or missing on your smartphone. Or sometimes your personal user settings are the reasons for errors.




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App update october 2016

iphone_enBlum EASY ASSEMBLY app: new functions available with the current update

Need digital support day-to-day in your work as a carpenter/fitter? Blum’s EASY ASSEMBLY app is a helpful tool in all matters relating to the assembly of Blum fittings, ensuring you have all the latest relevant assembly information at your fingertips whenever you need it. It saves time and ensures that our furniture is assembled to the highest standard. EASY ASSEMBLY has been designed to be intuitive, making it easy to use. Using real and virtual images, the interactive application shows you in very clear terms how to precisely adjust your Blum fittings. Handy assembly videos demonstrate each individual work step and clearly show the adjustment options in detail. The assembly app also includes an overview of all installation instructions, organised according to Blum product group.

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Adjustment of AVENTOS lift mechanism

How do you adjust the AVENTOS HF lift mechanism to the front weight?

One important assblum_aventos_adjustmentembly step for the AVENTOS lift system is the adjustment of the two lift mechanisms to the weight of the furniture front. If the two lift mechanisms are not set correctly for the front weight, the front will spring up when opened, or close again by itself, as you can see in the video.

You know that lift mechanisms have been adjusted correctly if the lift system stays in any opening position in the end. It is important to adjust the lift mechanism to ensure smooth functioning, especially if lift mechanisms are fitted with SERVO-DRIVE.

In this video we explain how you can adjust the lift mechanisms correctly using a cordless screwdriver.

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A perfect match: the EASY ASSEMBLY app and the universal marking template

How can our app and universal marking template help in the assembly of AVENTOS HF?

Blum AVENTOS lift mechanismFinding the correct position within the cabinet for the pegs is one of the first steps in assembling an AVENTOS HF. Use the universal marking template together with the EASY ASSEMBLY app to find the correct position for the lift mechanism in no time. This will enable you to drill the holes for the pegs, having worked out the height and installation depth for them.

In this video, I will show you exactly what to do – step by step.

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