ORGA-LINE cross dividers for TANDEMBOX antaro

How to organise TANDEMBOX antaro drawers in just a few steps?

This picture shows the front extension with ORGA-LINEORGA-LINE is an adjustable inner dividing system that tidies up interiors. No matter what the contents, ORGA-LINE delivers organisation to drawers. The system can be adapted at any time to accommodate more items, such as pots or dinnerware. Contents are beautifully organised, easy to find and readily accessible. Organise your drawers in just a few steps.





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assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

assembly and processing steps for TIP-ON BLUMOTION

What are the essential assembly and processing steps for the optimal opening and closing of TIP-ON BLUMOTION?

This picture shows a bedroom with a LEGRABOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTIONBlum’s TIP-ON BLUMOTION motion technology combines two functions for drawers: easy, convenient opening and silent, effortless closing. This mechanical solution from Blum provides exceptional convenience, particularly for handle-less furniture in the kitchen and elsewhere in the home, for example bedrooms. With this blog article, we aim to show you how to achieve optimal function and what you need to be aware of during assembly.



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TANDEMBOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTION: How does our front gap template help to set the front gap to the optimal measurement?

The picture shows TIP-ON BLUMOTION for Blum TANDEMBOX









In order to ensure that the TIP-ON BLUMOTION function is trigged in TANDEMBOX without problems, it is important to set the front gap to the optimal measurement of at least 2.5 mm. We have developed a front gap template to make this very task quick and easy for you.

In the following video, I will show you how to use this template:

  1. before fronts are installed.
  2. to check the front gap of fronts that have already been installed again. Read more