Opening angle stop AVENTOS HF

Which opening angle stops are suitable for use with AVENTOS HF and how are they installed?

Kitchen with Blum AVENTOS HFHave you ever experienced a situation where fronts with an AVENTOS HF lift system touch the ceiling when it is fully open? We offer opening angle stops for just such situations as the front or the ceiling may become damaged when the two touch. However, fronts can also collide with furniture structures above, such as cornices.




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Adjustment of AVENTOS lift mechanism

How do you adjust the AVENTOS HF lift mechanism to the front weight?

One important assblum_aventos_adjustmentembly step for the AVENTOS lift system is the adjustment of the two lift mechanisms to the weight of the furniture front. If the two lift mechanisms are not set correctly for the front weight, the front will spring up when opened, or close again by itself, as you can see in the video.

You know that lift mechanisms have been adjusted correctly if the lift system stays in any opening position in the end. It is important to adjust the lift mechanism to ensure smooth functioning, especially if lift mechanisms are fitted with SERVO-DRIVE.

In this video we explain how you can adjust the lift mechanisms correctly using a cordless screwdriver.

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A perfect match: the EASY ASSEMBLY app and the universal marking template

How can our app and universal marking template help in the assembly of AVENTOS HF?

Blum AVENTOS lift mechanismFinding the correct position within the cabinet for the pegs is one of the first steps in assembling an AVENTOS HF. Use the universal marking template together with the EASY ASSEMBLY app to find the correct position for the lift mechanism in no time. This will enable you to drill the holes for the pegs, having worked out the height and installation depth for them.

In this video, I will show you exactly what to do – step by step.

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