Frame concept for inner division

How to organise bottles in a drawer?

This picture shows the AMBIA_LINE bottle setAMBIA-LINE offers a universally applicable frame concept for inner division. This Blum system can be used not only in kitchens, but also in all other living areas.

It is particularly useful in kitchens to store bottles in a drawer. Standard drawer frames in steel design are available with widths of 100 and 200 mm and for nominal lengths 450 to 650 mm. Please find installation information on how to assemble AMBIA-LINE frames as bottle dividers below.


The LEGRABOX inner pull-out with glass insert can’t be used in this case.

this picture shows the possible combination of the AMBIA_LINE bottle set

Assembly steps:

  1. Remove LEGRABOX drawer. Press therefore the grey brackets on the underside.
    this picture shows the disamble of the drawer
  2. The drawer frame is increased with adapters. Clip them onto the steel frame.This picture shows the assembly of the AMBIA-LINE bottle set
  3. Attach the desired amount of cross dividersThis picture shows the AMBIA-LINE bottle set adapter
  4. Place the frame in the drawerThis picture shows how to insert the AMBIA-LINE bottle set
  5. Screw the frame together with the drawer base as an option for more stabilityDThis picture shows the screw-on of the AMBIA_LINE bottle set
  6. Insert drawer againThis picture shows the closing of the drawer
Frame concept for inner division
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