ORGA-LINE cross dividers for TANDEMBOX antaro

How to organise TANDEMBOX antaro drawers in just a few steps?

This picture shows the front extension with ORGA-LINEORGA-LINE is an adjustable inner dividing system that tidies up interiors. No matter what the contents, ORGA-LINE delivers organisation to drawers. The system can be adapted at any time to accommodate more items, such as pots or dinnerware. Contents are beautifully organised, easy to find and readily accessible. Organise your drawers in just a few steps.





LW = Internal cabinet width

LT = Internal cabinet depth

NL = Nominal length

This picture shows the inside information for the calculation of the cutting dimensions.












Assembly steps:

Cut the aluminium profile to length. The length you need is XXX = LW – 91 mm.

This picture shows the cutting of the cross divider.



Simply push the cross divider connectors onto the cross dividers.

This picture shows the assembly of the cross divider connector.



Use screws to secure the cross dividers to the gallery where required.

This picture shows the screwing on of the cross divider connector.



Finally, hook the lateral dividers onto the top of the cross dividers where desired and click around the bottom.

This picture shows the lateral divider assembly.



You can adapt and expand the inner dividing system as desired and required.

This is the final image of ORGA-LINE for the front pull-out.



ORGA-LINE cross dividers for TANDEMBOX antaro
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