Opening angle stop AVENTOS HK and HK-S

Which opening angle stops are suitable for use with AVENTOS HK and HK-S and how are they installed?

This picture shows a Blum AVENTOS HKSimilarly to AVENTOS HF, with AVENTOS HK and AVENTOS HK-S the front can collide with the ceiling in certain installation situations. In order to prevent collision, we have two different opening angle stops on offer for you to choose from.






The blog contribution ‘Opening angle stop for AVENTOS HF’ describes the specific cases in which an opening angle stop must be used.

For AVENTOS HK and HK-S, we have two different items available for limiting the opening angle to 100° and 75° respectively.


This pictures shows an overview of the opening angle stop


The different opening angle stops can be identified by their colour. The 100° opening angle stops are dark grey and the 75° opening angle stops are dust grey.

You can work out if opening angle stops are required, and if so which, during the construction phase. You can use the following formula to help you with this:


This picture shows the space requirement of AVENTOS HK and AVENTOS HK-S


For example: with a front height top (FH) of 480 mm and a front thickness (D) of 19 mm, you will not need an opening angle stop where the space requirement above (Y) is 150 mm. If the space requirement above (Y) is only 90 mm, you will need the 100° opening angle stop.

Note: with the 75° opening angle stop, the fronts no longer protrude beyond the cabinet, so the cabinet can be planned up to the ceiling.

How can I install the opening angle stop quickly and easily?

In principle, if you need to limit an opening angle, you should use an opening angle stop for each lift mechanism in the cabinet.

The opening angle stops must be installed before the front is clipped on to the lever. For AVENTOS HK, the opening angle stop can now be pushed on to the outermost pin from above. For AVENTOS HK-S, this needs to be threaded from the front and then rotated downwards. You will know the opening angle stop is installed as soon as you hear a click.






Opening angle stop AVENTOS HK and HK-S
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