TIP-ON BLUMOTION – Synchronisation

Which synchronisation should I use for my internal cabinet width (ICW)?


We recommend synchronising the two TIP-ON BLUMOTION units in order to optimise the trigger behaviour and functionality of TIP-ON BLUMOTION. These two units form the centrepiece of TIP-ON BLUMOTION, and can be assembled tool-free, as can all of the TIP-ON BLUMOTION components. The synchronisation extends the trigger range and makes it possible to open pull-outs by pressing almost anywhere on the front, meaning optimal trigger behaviour is achieved, even with wide cabinets. Synchronisations can be inserted from cabinet widths of 300 mm and up.

For narrow cabinet widths, a one-part synchronisation can be used. This one-part synchronisation can be cut to the desired dimension and then inserted tool-free. The following tables contain the calculation formulae for the LEGRABOX and TANDEMBOX box systems and for the MOVENTO runner system.


Which cut-to-size dimension do I need for the one-part synchronisation? This synchronisation can be used with an internal cabinet width (ICW) of:

LEGRABOX: ICW 245–293 mm

MOVENTO: ICW 265–313 mm

TANDEMBOX: ICW 238–286 mm


Calculation of length (X) for the one-part synchronisation is described below:

LEGRABOX          X = ICW – 221 mmGrafic: Cutting the synchronization (small cabinets)

MOVENTO         X = ICW – 241 mm

TANDEMBOX     X = ICW – 214 mm


A multi-part synchronisation can be used for cabinets with broad fronts, for which individual cutting to size is possible. After cutting the synchronisation linkage to size, the adapters are inserted into both ends of this shaft, which is then clipped into the attachments provided.


Which cut-to-size dimension do I need for the multi-part synchronisation?

The multi-part synchronisation, consisting of a shaft and adapter, can be used for the following internal cabinet widths (ICW):

LEGRABOX: ICW ≥ 294 mm

MOVENTO: ICW ≥ 314 mm




Calculation of length (X) for the multi-part synchronisation is described below:

LEGRABOX          X = ICW – 247 mmGrafic: Cutting the synchronization

MOVENTO         X = ICW – 267 mm

TANDEMBOX     X = ICW – 240 mm

TIP-ON BLUMOTION – Synchronisation
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