Author: Andrea Gruber


Still need advice on an assembly?

Blum LIVE SUPPORT customer service employeesYou already downloaded our EASY ASSEMBLY app and still have a question about the assembly of a Blum product? We’ll gladly talk you through it! Download our new LIVE SUPPORT app and get directly in touch with our technical support via live chat. Send pictures and videos to explain your assembly situation. If necessary our technical support employee can also use the integrated videocall function to guide you through the assembly steps directly on site.

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EASY ASSEMBLY app update

App update – new functions

EASY ASSEMBLY app Blum overviewWe are happy to hear your positive feedback about the newest update. In the following, we explain the new functions of our EASY ASSEMBLY app to you.

What’s new?

With our update in November 2017 all assembly instructions are optimized and adjusted for mobile devices.

We reduced the app data size significantly. Moreover, all illustrations are language-neutral now. There are clickable icons and a quick and easy navigation should give you a good user experience.

There is also a new mapping-function. Thanks to this you can save your relevant assembly instructions and videos to quickly find them again.




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TIP-ON depth adjustment

TANDEM TIP-ON: What is depth adjustment for and when do we use it?

White cabinet with TANDEM TIP-ON runnersDifferent materials are used in the manufacturing of wooden drawers, which is why each wooden drawer is individual and has slightly different lengths, widths and heights. To counteract these “production tolerances”, we have developed depth adjustment for our TANDEM runner system in connection with our TIP-ON motion technology.

This helps to ensure an optimal connection between the wooden drawer and TANDEM locking device.


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SERVO-DRIVE adjustment

How do you use the “Full/Half” setting of the SERVO-DRIVE unit?

Das Bild zeigt eine SERVO-DRIVE Einheit die im Schrank eingebaut wirdHave you ever noticed short pull-outs (NL 270–300) opening with too much force when you are assembling kitchens fitted with SERVO-DRIVE? If ‘yes’, read on to find out how to reduce the force generated by the SERVO-DRIVE unit. If the drawer runner is shorter than 350 mm, you can adjust the unit to reduce the stroke movement to just half. This setting is marked ‘half’ on the unit.



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TANDEMBOX with TIP-ON BLUMOTION: How does our front gap template help to set the front gap to the optimal measurement?

The picture shows TIP-ON BLUMOTION for Blum TANDEMBOX









In order to ensure that the TIP-ON BLUMOTION function is trigged in TANDEMBOX without problems, it is important to set the front gap to the optimal measurement of at least 2.5 mm. We have developed a front gap template to make this very task quick and easy for you.

In the following video, I will show you how to use this template:

  1. before fronts are installed.
  2. to check the front gap of fronts that have already been installed again. Read more

Opening angle stops 155° hinges

What opening angle stops do we have for 155°-hinges and how are they installed?

This picture shows a CLIP TOP 155° hingeFor CLIP top 155°-hinges, at Blum we offer two different opening angle stops: 70T7553 and 70T7553.09. The following article describes the different opening angle stops and the applications they are best suited to.


Opening angle stops are used to prevent the door from colliding with walls/protruding cabinets. At Blum, we provide a solution to this problem for CLIP top 155°-hinges in the form of opening angle stop 70T7553.09. This limits the opening angle to 92°.

Why 92°? This means that 0-protrusion is always guaranteed for the 155°-hinge and that the drawer does not collide with the door when it slides out of the cabinet.


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Blum for handle-less furniture

When it comes to furniture with handle-less fronts throughout the whole kitchen and all living areas, Blum has a huge variety of options!

handlesless_furniture_blumExtensive surfaces, clear-cut designs, handle-less fronts – these are the clearly identifiable trends in the furniture industry. And with minimalist design, the spotlight is increasingly being placed on the functionality of furniture. Our fittings solutions come into their own here as we ensure that furniture is convenient to use on a day-to-day basis, while also meeting requirements in terms of design. At Blum, we often talk about “1 3 4  – infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture” in this context. Perhaps you have wondered in the past what this actually means?

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TIP-ON BLUMOTION: mechanical opening support

Handle-less fronts with TIP-ON now also close silently and effortlessly in the way you are accustomed to – thanks to combination with BLUMOTION

Up uThe picture shows the mechanical opening support for drawers called TIP-ON BLUMOTION. ntil recently, there were two opening support system options for handle-less fronts at Blum: mechanical with TIP-ON and electromechanical with SERVO-DRIVE. The electromechanical opening support system has always worked in combination with BLUMOTION dampening, but now we have combined the TIP-ON function with BLUMOTION dampening too.
A simple touch on the front is, as you are used to with TIP-ON, all that is needed to activate TIP-ON BLUMOTION. The BLUMOTION now activates when closing the drawer or the pull-out, ensuring a silent and effortless closing action. For the BLUMOTION function to achieve optimum functioning, the pull-outs should be loaded. The BLUMOTION does work when these are unloaded as well, but more energy (force) is required for closure.  The settings have been designed for the weight of a loaded pull-out, as is usually the case in actual living areas.  Read more

CABLOXX – number of pull-outs per locking bar

How many pull-outs can be realised with CABLOXX per locking bar?

In someblum_cabloxx_office_lock situations, it is necessary to lock up pieces of furniture e.g. in order to store personal items of value at home or in your office. We have introduced a new product called CABLOXX for this situation, and for shop fittings. CABLOXX is a system-independent locking system, which means that it can be used in combination with LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX, MOVENTO and TANDEM, or any other motion technologies.

CABLOXX has another function, tip protection, on top of the furniture’s ‘seal’ function. This is intended above all for free-standing furniture. Tip protection prevents more than one pull-out from being drawn out from the cabinet. This prevents the furniture from tipping over when the pull-outs are loaded.

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